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Management of Job Evaluation, Compensation and Pay Equity made easy!

How It Works

Upload, develop or use a template to create a Job Evaluation System for your Company
Evaluate Jobs, add compensation, gender and any other segmenting (union vs non-union, Toronto vs Montreal)
Analyse roles for internally equity, pay equity and compensation strategies
Export data for further analysis, presentation or reporting
Store, update and manipulate all project data in a safe secure environment

HCI Compensation Tool is designed for use by HR professionals, Business Owners and Compensation Professionals to create, manage and store Job Evaluation and Compensation, including Pay Equity, information and projects. Designed by Compensation Professionals, the tool will help enable your business create clear and concise projects either internally or with the support of the HCI Connsulting Inc. team.

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Feature Overview

Create a Point Table customized to your company or used an HCI developed Point Table as a basis for you Job Evaluations

  • Add unlimimted factor rationale
  • Customize factor ratoinale explanations, with separate points on separate lines (great for half point ratings)
  • Use a standard 1000 point HCI Job Evaluation system or other widely accepted tools as a template
  • Customize the point distribution within the factors or use the built in calculation tool

Easily evaluate and sort all roles within your business using the Job Evaluation tool

  • Add unlimimted positions
  • Choose point value for each factor quickly through the main Jon Entry hub or add individually with increased detail and explanation
  • Export all Job Entries to PDF, excel or CSV or export individual roles with full explanation of each factor evaluation
  • Add job groups to segment roles into categories like region, union vs non-union or any unique items you business requires
  • Add wage, gender, FTE, annual hour data to each role for analysis and Pay Equity

Create Banding Senarios for all you Pay Equity needs and analyse your positions

  • Add unlimimted banding scenarios
  • Create floating, fixed or percentage bands to all roles
  • Filter roles in banding scenarios to exclude out of province roles
  • Automatcally find all male comparators and annualized adjustments based on Ontario's Pay Equity legislation (coming soon)