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HCI Compensation Tool - Privacy Policy

HCI Consulting Inc may collect business related information of users and the businesses /organisations they represent in this Tool for the sole purposes of providing the service of this tool. The tool does not intend to collect any personal user information. Any personal user information collected in the tool is expressly the responsibility of the user and the user is under no requirement to do so in order to use the tool. It is understood that HCI will have access to all the information in the tool. Under no circumstances will HCI Consulting Inc use the provided information for marketing purposes other than direct communications with regards to changes or updates to tool. HCI promises that no information in the tool will be provided to a 3rd party for any purpose other than law enforcement as legally required. The tool may use Cookies in order to identify users to provide a better service and/or tracked anonymous data for analysis of site performance. This site collects information with regards to the use of the tool in order to better serve HCI clients and make improvements to the tool. All information collected on the website is store securely and electronically.