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HCI Terms of Use

Version 1.00

In order to access the HCI Compensation Tool you must agree that:

  • You have requested or have been provided access to the tool by HCI Consulting Inc. (HCI) or by a co-worker with access to the tool and you have not been provided or gained access to the tool through any other means.
  • You will not share or provide your access to any other individual and upon doing so they are bound by the “Terms of Use” agreed upon here.
  • The HCI Compensation Tool is provided as an information tool to HCI customers at no cost for the purpose of storing and displaying compensation related data as entered by you, your co-workers or consultants on behalf of you.
  • HCI disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or of quality, capacity or accuracy of the HCI Compensation Tool Application.
  • You guarantee any information that you enter or allow HCI to enter in the tool you have been provided express consent to and warrant that you have the full authority of your business / organization to share this information within the HCI Compensation Tool.
  • HCI is not responsible in any way for business decisions; including but not limited to, compensation, legal or financial based on information within the HCI Compensation Tool.
  • HCI undertakes no obligation to maintain the HCI Compensation Tool, or provide any revisions that may become available.
  • You are not accessing the tool as a competitor to HCI or have any intention to re-create any features or components of this website for personal of business use.
  • You have no intention to hack or attack the website and any efforts to do so will be prosecuted.